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Sketchbook – Back to school


Sketchbook – Voodoo Man

Been crazy inspired by the work done by the Creature Box and their kickstarter this week.  I want to do more!

Deer Study – Creature animation

Putting myself to the task of studying some creature animation, particularly working with quads of different shapes and sizes. Here is a pass by pass progress of a deer study. About halfway through i realized she was turning too much for the dash and made it a little more realistic by making it less than a full 180 degree turn. I also noticed that the head would lead a lot of the body movement. Getting the twitches to feel natural was also a main concern, as this was a big way of showing her noticing her surroundings.

Deer Study – Development from Sebastian Kussowski on Vimeo.

Deer Study – Polish from Sebastian Kussowski on Vimeo.

GameDev – Rockman model

Ok, so i’m gonna try taking my rock guy concept and use Unity to make it into a simple game project. Mostly gonna focus on animation and story with some simple combat cause i’m not really a coder. So here’s the start of the rockman character model. Still throwing around some names for him,so i’m open to suggestions.

Sketchbook – Dire wolf

Quick sketch on the way to work, game of thrones anyone?

Sketchbook – Rock Guy

Concept for a personal project i’m working on. Gonna be modelling and texturing this guy for a game model.

Sketchbook – Chris & Leah

Did this a while ago, but it’s an illustration for a wedding card for Chris & Leah. Congrats guys! The theme was their honey moon to Singapore.

Sketchbook – Bug

Really got inspired by Feng Zhu’s tutorial vids this week. This is an attempt of employing some of the techniques he mentioned. I started with the silhouette method and then built it up in basic shapes including lighting. Used some textures to ad some extra detail, just wish I’d saved in stages to show the process.

Sketchbook – Beastling

Feeling the creature vibe lately, so having a go at some concepts drawing and animation with a couple of free rigs.

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