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Dino Scrap Book

Been contracted for some possible illustration work for a scrapbook design, here’s some of the dinosaurs that’ll feature on it.


dinoscrapbook low



Monstas Twitch Stream

Been working on these guys for some packaging designs. Part of the processed was live streamed on twitch. You can view my twitch channel at


Sketchbook Pro

Was trying out some sketchbook pro. Really nice for sketching and line work, but i think i’ll stick to photoshop for coloring and shading.

Image001 copy

Sketchbook – Vanguard

Getting back into some sketching this year, fallen a bit off the drawing wagon. First step back this year with somethin cyber inspired…I may have been thinking of mass effect.
fem-scifi progression

Sketchbook – Barking Owl Studio

Past few weeks of sketching from barking owl studio.

Eternal Struggle

Theme of the week at Barking Owl Studio was “Struggle” Wolverine is always so mad, now we know why…

Sketchbook – cyberpunk


There’s been some buzz around cyberpunk lately and thought i might have a go. Roughed this out on the train, when i get a chance, gonna paint it up in PS.

Demon – Walk Cycle

Getting some practice with animating in biped with some of these free rigs from

Might try doing some attacks, runs, and taunts with this guy. Something about animating short actions/loops like this makes it feel less daunting and like good exercises to hone skills.

Demon – Walk Cycle from Sebastian Kussowski on Vimeo.

Sketchbook – Space Slug

Tryin to develop some environment painting skills, think the lighting comes off nicely here. Might try doing something more realistic this week.

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